Bringing libraries online and lovin' every second of it.

We listen hard and react fast to ensure libraries reach a wider audience and
serve them with the eContent they need, wherever they are.


We do this by...

Enabling academic, corporate and public libraries build an online presence with our affordable, easy to deploy eLibrary platform

Aggregating all library subscribed, curated and open access knowledge onto a single online location... much like your library building but with unlimited space

Leveraging the power of smart phones and tablets to make sure users get 24x7, uninterrupted, remote access to library collections

...and never saying "not our job" to any problem faced by a library.


So far, so good...


More than 400 libraries today serve over 200,000 users through our eLibrary platform. This is just a fraction of the millions of libraries established since the first libraries originated around 2500 BC.
We started in 2011 as a humble team of 4 with the mission to gear up libraries for the digital age. We soon realized that all libraries are different souls with different paths to nirvana. Libraries face diverse and complex problems like any other organization in acquiring or retaining users... user awareness (branding), expanding content coverage within budgets (sourcing), competing against web (competition).


One light bulb moment was in 2012, when we transformed a network of over 70 academic libraries into a cohesive digital library network. Learning was simple "More Content + More Accessibility = More Users". Today, Knimbus curates learning content from 100s of publishers, harvests library subscriptions, enables 24x7 mobile access, helps build institutional repositories and custom branded eLibraries to change the way libraries function and look.


Our quirky founders

Rahul Agarwalla

Rahul Agarwalla

Founder & CEO

"Hmmm....good! But we can do better."

Tarun Arora

Tarun Arora

Co-founder & President

"What's next?"

We work with companies that share our vision of empowering libraries.


Most heard lines in office


"We have just started"

No matter what we have achieved, we want to stay a start up in our heads; think fast and act faster.

"Let me show you"

Team is full of 100% nerdy leaders....everyone teaches, everyone learns.

"Wait..I want to try one more thing"

Everybody is obsessed with 'doing better'. Those overnight development challenges give us the adrenaline rush we so dearly love.

"It's risky. #%&#...why not?"

We celebrate failures. From top to bottom, we all experiment with ideas, applaud success & failure alike and of course get back stronger.

"Is Rahul free...?"

There is just 1 team and everybody is approachable. Open culture, flexible timings, a really cool office and often clashes between coffee and tea drinkers makes it an awesome place to be.

"Who let the dogs out"

We may be a startup...but we party like a billion dollar firm. (Having a party animal as the CEO helps!)

We are always on the hunt for passionate, creative minds.

Join us to change the world of libraries.